my approach

Authenticity over Perfection

Nobody believes the tag that says ‘one size fits all’. As your celebrant, it is my role to help guide you so that together, we can create a wedding ceremony experience that is 100% you. Cookie-cutter ceremonies aren't my style and I steer well away from cheesy words about love and instead make your ceremony relevant to you as a couple (with maybe a little bit of down to earth philosophy thrown in!)

I’m a big advocate of authenticity over perfection when it comes to weddings and my motto is ‘your wedding, your way’

But really, like anything in life, unless you’ve done it before, you likely have little to no idea about how to do this or how it even all works. This is where I come in.

Ask you lots of questions to find out about your plans, ideas and visions about how you want to celebrate your love

Explain the nitty gritty of the different elements that make up a wedding ceremony, along with the many options available to you so you can make informed decisions about how you want your ceremony to look

Make sure you are clear on all the legalities and take care of all of the not so exciting yet necessary associated paperwork

Be on hand through the many forms of communication we now have available to us to support you with anything, anytime

Help you envisage how it will all roll on the day

Extract the gold from you so I can create a custom written ceremony that is relevant and meaningful to you

Meet with you the day or so for a catch up to run through the logistics of your ceremony (AKA rehearsal)

Deliver said custom written ceremony on the day and make sure all aspects of the ceremony are covered so that you can relax, be totally present, enjoy the moment and marry your love

Wear heels if you really want me to (but very happy barefoot!)

Bask happily in your post ceremony love buzz and always take you up on the offer of a glass of celebratory bubbles!